Momo Cocoa began with a love of fall and the comforting feeling we believe goes hand in hand with the season - family gatherings, snuggling under covers, fuzzy sweaters, furry friends curled up on your lap and, of course, cocoa! 

We don't believe that great quality, delicious cocoa should have to be an every once in a while indulgence.  Our cocoa products are made to be accessible to everyone while never compromising on quality.  

Enjoy a cup of what we believe will soon be your favorite cocoa today!

Happy customers :)

Happy customers :)

Although my obsession began with all things fall, Momo Cocoa products are truly for every-day drinking.  They pair well with coffee for an elevated mocha experience.  They can be blended with ice for a perfect summer treat.  I’ve even had friends and family use them in ganache recipes. 

Our cocoas contain no dairy and can be mixed with an animal or plant based milk of your choosing. If we believe a flavor profile pairs well with a particular type of milk we'll let you know in the product description.  

Current flavors

Our version of xocolátl includes premium Dutch processed cocoa, organic cane sugar, organic vanilla powder, cinnamon, allspice, organic cayenne pepper and oil of black pepper. This cocoa has the perfect pick me up kick!

Our version of the Queen’s Cocoa includes premium Dutch processed cocoa, organic cane sugar, organic vanilla powder, cinnamon, organic orange oil and bitter almond flavoring.  A comforting treat that will remind you of youth while also satisfying that adult yearning for decadence.

A few products in the works:

Got a love for minty freshness?  Wanna take a trip to Paris without leaving your living room?  Want to add some high flavanol, antioxidant love to your cocoa indulgence? We'll make sure you're covered soon! Stay tuned for exciting new flavors and products!

What is high flavanol cocoa?

 The cacao bean is naturally high in flavanols (naturally occurring antioxidant phytonutrients), which are nearly completely destroyed in the roasting process.  By fermenting the cocoa longer in a low heat environment those healthy flavanols are retained in the cocoa.  Woo hoo for having your cocoa and drinking it too!




Since my youth I’ve always loved autumn – or as I like to call it, “Cocoa Season.” Nothing makes my heart happier than awaking to the sound of rain, sight of red and gold leaves through my window and knowing that it’s finally time to snuggle up in a fluffy blanket and sip cocoa. As an adult I came to realize that cocoa only came in two basic flavors – bland, watered down instant or excessively sweet sipping cocoa which was too rich for every-day enjoyment. So I decided I’d roll my sleeves up and create a worthy cocoa which was delicious, versatile, accessible, and sustainable.


In the hierarchy of activities that make my heart happy, the creation of elevated flavor profiles by mixing spices, herbs and flowers to otherwise mundane recipes ranks a very close second to sipping cocoa on a rainy day. Momo Cocoa combines these two loves . . . and it shows.

Momo Cocoa produces fine cocoas which are vegan friendly, ethically traceable, moderately priced, and so delicious you’ll immediately want another cup.