Team Momo

The Momo Cocoa Team is quickly growing, but the brains of the operation start with Momo.  Learn more about Momo & the founders who are responsible for crafting the Pacific Northwest's best Hot Cocoa.

Momo: The Cat that inspired the Cocoa


Momo is the muse, without whom Momo Cocoa would not exist. Let’s be honest, he’s the real boss of this operation. Thankfully, he’s willing to accept compensation in the form of cat treats, crinkly paper, and lots of snuggles. Be sure to check out Momo's curated (purrrated?) collection of his favorite flavors. 




Yvonne Fide is the creative force that brings Momo Cocoa flavors to life. She’s the face of the company and always there to answer questions with a smile.




The Best Pacific Northwest Hot Cocoa

Ian Levy is the logistics genius that keeps Momo Cocoa humming behind the scenes. Ian is the backbone of Momo Cocoa, staying focused on the smallest of details without losing sight of the big picture.